XBMC Addons & XBMC Android


XBMC Addons have been in existence for years now and XBMC Android has gone further than anyone ever thought it would. For those of you who aren’t aware of what XBMC does, it’s the Future of Television. XBMC Addons are compatible with XBMC Android, Mac, Windows, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and Linux. XBMC Addons open an endless world of entertainment, where online streaming meets your home theatre, powered by XBMC Android.

XBMC Addons can be made to interface with any type of online streaming media web or web site. If you’re new to XBMC Addons, we recommend Installing XBMC to your XBMC Android device by following the XBMC Addons information at our web site. XBMC Android and XBMC Addons will change your life forever.