How-To Install XBMC to the Amazon Fire TV from a Windows Computer


Amazon's latest innovation is a pretty cool contender for an Apple TV replacement, but as with all proprietary hardware devices, they don't want you to be able to install any application you want on the Amazon Fire TV, because the whole point is for them to be able to sell you their content through this device. This could very well become the next big thing to hit the television entertainment … [Read more...]

How-To Setup XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV through an Android Phone or Tablet


Amazon just started selling their new Android-powered set top box and it's pretty cool, the only problem is you don't have access to the regular App Store from it and side-loading applications aren't possible either, but don't sweat it, where there's a will there's a way. It's pretty easy to install XBMC to the Amazon Fire TV if you have another Android device such as a mobile phone or tablet … [Read more...]

Preliminary Review of Matricom’s G-Box Midnight MX2


There is no doubt that we are in the age of Android. The platform is dominating the mobile market and it is slowly preparing to take over the set top box market. As such we have seen an onslaught of Android based units flooding the web, this site, and our homes over the past 2 years thanks to the efforts that of those who ported XBMC to the Android OS. With this insurgence of hardware options we … [Read more...]

How-To Jailbreak the Apple TV 2 with 5.3 Firmware and then Install and Configure XBMC for Dummies


It's been over six months since the 5.3 Firmware was released for the Apple TV 2 device and it wasn't until this week that you could untethered jailbreak your device with it, even more exciting is the fact that if you're Apple TV 2 is running an older firmware, you can now upgrade to this 5.3 firmware safely because Apple is still signing the firmware code, meaning you don't need to have … [Read more...]

How-To Jailbreak your iPad, iPhone, or iPod on iOS 7 in Minutes, Making XBMC Possible


It's been quite some time since the last jailbreak was released and millions of people across the globe have been waiting months on end to be able to once again jailbreak their favourite iDevice, whether it's an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, running the latest iOS 7 firmware from Apple. It was released just before Christmas and we can confirm that it works very well. Once you've jailbroken your iDevice, … [Read more...]

Great XBMC Compatible Hardware Gift Options for the Holidays


We've seen an influx of visitors asking about what XBMC hardware we recommend they purchase for friends or loved ones this holiday season and felt the only responsible thing to do would be to write a little tidbit on which hardware we deem to be the best mix of consumer friendly and high performance with XBMC in the more affordable price range. Sadly there aren't as many quality potential … [Read more...]

Temporary Fix for XBMC Users of the New Mac OS X Mavericks


It has come to our attention that many XBMC users were so eager to upgrade to the new version of the Macintosh operating system dubbed Mavericks that they didn't realize the fact that you should generally consider it a rule of thumb that in the first few weeks of an operating system's release many applications won't yet be compatible. This is the case with XBMC, and we've been hearing from … [Read more...]

OUYA, the Best Hardware Option for Running XBMC


Everyday we get people coming onto our forums and asking what we think is the best set top box hardware device for running XBMC? It has been kind of a tricky answer for a while and we'll explain why soon, but basically now that there are several different options which have been around for a while and work well, we thought it would be a responsible time to let our visitors know what we recommend … [Read more...]

XBMC for OUYA Now Available from the OUYA Discover Store


We're very pleased to announce this incredible news to the entire OUYA community, now you are able to use a real version of XBMC that can be installed through your OUYA Discover Store naturally and not through a whole complicated download process like it used to be. This makes OUYA pretty much the easiest platform to install XBMC onto to date. It's pretty much already there, you're basically just … [Read more...]

The Best Guide to Installing XBMC on OUYA


Considered perhaps to be the best available hardware solution on the market for use as an XBMC standalone receiver, the Android-powered OUYA gaming console is definitely something you should consider purchasing. It was actually funded through Kickstarter. Not only does it run XBMC like butter, you can also play all kinds of powerful games and even pretty much any old Nintento or Sega game through … [Read more...]