How-To Jailbreak your iPad, iPhone, or iPod on iOS 7 in Minutes, Making XBMC Possible


It's been quite some time since the last jailbreak was released and millions of people across the globe have been waiting months on end to be able to once again jailbreak their favourite iDevice, whether it's an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, running the latest iOS 7 firmware from Apple. It was released just before Christmas and we can confirm that it works very well. Once you've jailbroken your iDevice, … [Read more...]

How to Easily Jailbreak your iPad or iPhone Running iOS 6, then Install XBMC


It's very exciting news that after the long wait there has finally been an iOS 6 Jailbreak release thanks to the great people from the evad3rs team. This new evasi0n jailbreak software runs on Mac and Windows and allows you to easily jailbreak pretty much any iDevice on the latest firmware version which is iOS 6.1 at the current time. We're now going to walk you through the process of first … [Read more...]

Automated Configuration of XBMC on your iPad/iPhone/iPod using the XBMCHUB Wizard for Windows


You'll now be able to automatically configure XBMC on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with all the greatest goodies and tweaks imaginable, even if you're a Windows user now that we've finally released the new XBMCHUB Wizard for Windows. It won't take long at all and afterwards you'll be more than amazed at how nice and sleek your XBMC configuration will be. Continue reading and you'll be done quicker … [Read more...]

nito Installer: The Simplest Way to Install XBMC to your Jailbroken iPad/iPhone/iPod from your Device


While it wasn't too complicated, it used to be a tad more complicated to Install XBMC to your Jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod device. There's now a much more simple way of doing it, without needing to add any additional repositories to Cydia, or anything complex like that. It's basically no more complicated than installing any basic application to your Jailbroken iDevice. Continue reading this … [Read more...]

Instantly Configure XBMC on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Directly from your Device


We're trying to constantly make it easier for you to use and install XBMC on your devices, and as a result we've just released quite innovative of an application. Once you've installed XBMC to your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you'll now be able to configure it directly from your device itself using the new XBMCHUB Wizard for iOS. It's super easy and you'll now be able to configure your device right off … [Read more...]

Instantly Configure XBMC on your iPad/iPhone with One Click, for Mac!


It used to be quite a pain for the average joe to configure XBMC on their iPad, this is all about to change if you're a Mac user (Windows version coming soon). Once you've installed XBMC on your device, all you need to do is load this new application on your computer and it'll preconfigure your iPad with all the best addons, fixes and customizations, free of charge! INSTANTLY CONFIGURE XBMC ON … [Read more...]

Installing XBMC on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch


One of the most popular platforms for running the XBMC media center is Apple's operating system, iOS. The XBMC software is fully compatible with most iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You must have already Jailbroken your devices in order to follow this guide; if you haven't already, please jailbreak your device first. Requirements Jailbroken iOS Device (iPad, iPad 2, … [Read more...]