How-To Install XBian to your Raspberry Pi from Windows


Now that there's a Windows friendly installer for XBian on the Raspberry Pi, you should find it much easier to use and install. You no longer have to run terminal prompts in order to install XBian and that's good news to anyone's ears. Just keep reading and you'll have XBian installed to your Raspberry Pi within minutes. HOW-TO INSTALL XBIAN TO YOUR RASPBERRY PI FROM … [Read more...]

Installing Raspbmc to Raspberry Pi for Mac


In our never ending quest to make XBMC easier to use, we discovered that it wasn't very easy to install Raspbmc to your Raspberry Pi device if you are a Mac user. It was without question that we immediately began developing an application that would simplify the process for end users, allowing XBMC use to grow across the Raspberry Pi community into the future. It's very easy to install XBMC to … [Read more...]

Installing XBian to Raspberry Pi from Mac


XBian is a version of XBMC made especially for the Raspberry Pi, based on the Debian operating system. Best of all, it can now be easy installed to your Raspberry Pi with simplicity using our new XPi Installer application for Mac users. Your Raspberry Pi experience will never be the same once you've tried XBian, once you go XBian for Raspberry Pi, you never go back! INSTALLING XBIAN TO RASPBERRY … [Read more...]

How to Install XBian to Raspberry Pi on Windows


A lot of people in the forums have been asking how they should proceed in setting up their Raspberry Pi with XBian from Windows. It's actually pretty easy and doesn't require much technical knowledge whatsoever, just a bit of patience. Once you've installed XBian, your enjoyment of the Raspberry Pi will be greatly augmented. Continue reading this guide on installing XBian to the Raspberry Pi in a … [Read more...]

Install Raspbmc to Raspberry Pi from Windows


You've finally got your hands on the Raspberry Pi, but now need to know how to Install XBMC to that sweet little thing. It's not very difficult, but we'd have to say that the Raspberry Pi isn't the most simple solution to integrate for end users, although anyone with some technical aptitude shouldn't have too much trouble using their Raspberry Pi after following our instructions. INSTALLING … [Read more...]