How-To Watch Television from the Czech Republic on XBMC


You don't have to travel all the way to Prague to watch Czech television and movies through XBMC. We've just done a bunch of testing and are very glad to inform you that there is quite a large number of adequate content from the Czech Republic viewable through XBMC, just keep reading and you'll feel like you're in the old town again in no time at all. HOW-TO WATCH TELEVISION FROM THE CZECH … [Read more...]

Watching Turkish Television and Movies on XBMC


The community of XBMC users in Turkey is quite strong so it was clear that many of our visitors would probably be interested in watching Turkish television and movies using their favourite media player, XBMC. There is a ton of Turkish content for XBMC, including prerecording movies and TV, and even live television channels for your enjoyment. Read the rest of this guide to find out exactly how to … [Read more...]

How to Watch Greek Television with XBMC


There has recently been quite a bit of development when it comes to Greek addons for XBMC. There are several different addons which you can use to watch prerecorded and live television channels from Greece. You'll find out exactly how to watch all the Greek television you can imagine by following this guide. HOW TO WATCH GREEK TELEVISION WITH XBMC Requirements Lambda Addon Repository … [Read more...]

Watch Arabic Television and Movies with XBMC


We're now going to explain how you can easily watch all kinds of Arabic television and movies using XBMC. There is quite a bit of Arabic content online which you can access with XBMC, and several specific addons made for Arabic on XBMC. Continue reading this guide to find out how you too can watch all the Arabic TV on XBMC that you can wish for. WATCH ARABIC TELEVISION AND MOVIES WITH … [Read more...]

Ver películas y televisión en español con XBMC


Experimente todos los mejores canales de televisión y las películas españolas en español de todo el mundo utilizando XBMC. Hay una gran cantidad de contenido de video diferente para ver, incluyendo los canales de televisión en vivo. XBMC es una necesidad para todos los hispanohablantes que viven en cualquier parte del mundo. Ver películas y televisión en español con … [Read more...]

Watching Israeli Channels in Hebrew on XBMC


People don't realize how much Israeli television is available through XBMC. Compared to most other international content, there is actually quite a lot of Hebrew entertainment available. It seems that XBMC is gaining popularity in Israel and we're now going to explain how you can watch XBMC in Hebrew. WATCHING ISRAELI CHANNELS IN HEBREW ON XBMC צפייה בערוצי טלביזיה … [Read more...]

Come guardare la TV italiana in XBMC


Sia che si tratti per voi oi vostri genitori, mai un po 'di programmazione lingua italiana su XBMC male a nessuno. Diversi addons diverse esistono per guardare i canali televisivi italiani con XBMC e leggendo questa guida, scoprirete esattamente come anche voi potete guardare la TV italiana in XBMC. COME GUARDARE LA TV ITALIANA IN XBMC Requisiti Mikey1234's Addon Repository (disponibile … [Read more...]

Regardez vos émissions préférées en français avec XBMC


Pour nos visiteurs de la Francophonie, on va maintenant prendre un peu de temps pour vous expliquez comment tu peut avoir accès a plein de contenu vidéo maintenant disponible sur le centre média XBMC. Il n'a pas encore autant de filmes et émissions en français pour XBMC, mais ça commence. Continuer a lire cet article pour avoir les informations que t'as besoin pour voir vos émissions … [Read more...]

Watch Al Jazeera Live with XBMC


You can now watch the Al Jazeera channel live and prerecorded through your XBMC media player setup. Al Jazeera is one of the leading news organizations in the Middle East and is therefore quite popular worldwide. We're now going to show you how you can watch Al Jazeera's English language content through XBMC. For the original Arabic version of Al Jazeera you'll probably want to go through Navi-X … [Read more...]

Setting the Character Set to Properly Display Foreign Language Text


If you're using any International Addons that feature languages that don't use a Latin based alphabet, chances are you'll need to Set the Character of your XBMC configuration in order for the wording to be displayed properly. Most foreign character sets also support Latin characters, so you'll still be able to use any English addons properly even if you've changed this setting. If you're seeing … [Read more...]