Watch Arabic Television and Movies with XBMC


We're now going to explain how you can easily watch all kinds of Arabic television and movies using XBMC. There is quite a bit of Arabic content online which you can access with XBMC, and several specific addons made for Arabic on XBMC. Continue reading this guide to find out how you too can watch all the Arabic TV on XBMC that you can wish for. WATCH ARABIC TELEVISION AND MOVIES WITH … [Read more...]

Watch Al Jazeera Live with XBMC


You can now watch the Al Jazeera channel live and prerecorded through your XBMC media player setup. Al Jazeera is one of the leading news organizations in the Middle East and is therefore quite popular worldwide. We're now going to show you how you can watch Al Jazeera's English language content through XBMC. For the original Arabic version of Al Jazeera you'll probably want to go through Navi-X … [Read more...]