How-To Install SportsDevil (or Updates) through its New Unofficial Repository


It's been a whole heck of a long time since the XBMC community's favourite sports add-on has had an updated repository to call its own, but now thanks to the continuous hard work of al101, MaxMustermann's SportsDevil add-on can finally update itself on your device, that way you'll be able to keep up with a working add-on when you need it to watch your favourite live sporting events. Although this … [Read more...]

Watch the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII on FilmOn with the F.T.V Addon for XBMC


One of the most reliable live streaming sources on the web that most people have probably never heard of is actually a free and legitimately provided service called FilmOn, and naturally an add-on is available for FilmOn on the XBMC platform. There are literally hundreds of quality live channels available at your fingertips and it's always up and running great. It's for this reason that we're … [Read more...]

Watch the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday Live with USTVnow for XBMC


It's one of the biggest events on television of the year so naturally there are many of you out there who'd definitely want to watch the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII through XBMC, the question is how? The answer is very simple: USTVnow for XBMC. What is it you ask? USTVnow is a legal and legitimate television channel streaming service meant to be used by Americans living overseas, however their free … [Read more...]

How-To Install the New & Improved Version of the Veetle Addon for XBMC


We don't have a problem admitting when we've screwed up and this time we screwed up big time. Why you may ask? We screwed up because this addon has been working incredibly for over a year now within our repository, but we forgot to write an article to let our viewers know it exists and how to install it. While there are probably a ton of you already using the Veetle addon for XBMC, many of you who … [Read more...]

How-To Install the Interim Fixed Version of the SportsDevil Addon, Watch Live Sports on XBMC


You wouldn't believe how many people visit our forums everyday asking about how we recommend they watch sports through XBMC. Now as we've explained before, there are many different ways, and live streaming can never be considered to be entirely reliable because the better the stream, the more people who will be watching it, the harder it is on the servers, the more the likelyhood that it goes … [Read more...]

Temporary Manual Fix Instructions for SportsDevil Issues


It seems that the very popular SportsDevil addon for XBMC has been having some difficulty lately and has not yet been updated by the addon's creator. In the meantime, a user named al101 modified some files to create a sort of manual fix that will ensure that you'll be able to continue using SportsDevil in the meantime, until an automatic update is pushed through the addon's repository, which could … [Read more...]

Watching the Mayweather-Alvarez Boxing PPV Fight on XBMC


We're assuming that by now most of our visitors are already aware of how to watch live sports and events through XBMC, but in case you're one of the newbies to the XBMC community, we figured that it's better safe than sorry, and that we should probably write a little guide up on how we recommend you watch the much anticipated Mayweather versus Alvarez PPV boxing match through XBMC. It's super … [Read more...]

Ready for the NFL 2013 Football Season? Must-Have Sports Addons for XBMC


In a few days the new NFL Football season will be starting and most of our North American visitors are probably very eager to find out what the best solution is for watching their favourite sport live and in the raw. If you're as excited about NFL starting as much as us, be sure to continue reading through this entire entire to make sure that you have all the XBMC addons for NFL and Sports that … [Read more...]

Introducing Sports-a-Holic, the Newest Sports Addon from the Creator of Mash Up


We're very excited to announce today's release of the latest sports addon (and possibly one of the best) to hit the XBMC community in quite some time. It was created by none other than mash2k3, the addon coder behind the very versatile Mash Up plugin, and offers the ability to watch both live and pre-recorded sports and events, depending on what you're looking for specifically. It would probably … [Read more...]

How to Watch UFC 160 Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2 Live on SportsDevil for XBMC


Since it seems to be one of the most popular sports these days and a lot of our visitors have been asking, specifically through our Facebook and Twitter pages, we figured it would probably be a good idea to write a little blurb for our valued visitors on how you can watch UFC tonight, live and in full quality. Now, the first thing you have to remember is that with live streaming because of their … [Read more...]