Introducing Blazetamer’s Repertoire of Addons: Docu-Hub, PopcornFlix, 2 Movies, and Reddi Tube


It isn't so often that a new coder comes around and takes our community by storm, releasing four incredible addons within a period of less than a few months, but Blazetamer has done it and we're very impressed with his work. You'll want to check out Docu-Hub as a source which connects to multiple documentary specific streaming web sites, while the other three, PopcornFlix, 2 Movies, and Reddi Tube … [Read more...]

How-To Install the New Movie25 Video Add-on for XBMC

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 7.11.37 PM

There's a new add-on to hit the decks that you definitely want to know more about, it's one that now interfaces with the popular web site and provides a whole lot of entertainment for your liking. This new add-on is written by a coder who goes by the name of The_Silencer, he's already released quite a few good add-ons and promises more in the future. Just keep reading and you'll be … [Read more...]

Introducing the New Addon for XBMC


There's a new coder who has recently joined our community and although this is his first original video add-on, it is far from being a newbie's work. This coder goes by the name of Eleazar Coding and he's an Israeli maniac with a knack for programming. He astounded the community with his 1Channel Proxifier addon which provided the ability to use a proxy URL with the popular add-on prior … [Read more...]

The Top XBMC Video Add-ons You’ll Want in November 2013


The XBMC community is a wonderful place where constant develop keeps things moving and improving. There is a constant flow of new addons and unfortunately some of those addons also die out over time and support for them is sometimes ceased by the original addon developers. It's for this reason that it's important to be aware of what the most popular addons are on a regular basis that way you can … [Read more...]

How-To Watch VICE on XBMC, and THUMP too!


In case you're living on the moon and have never heard of VICE magazine, it's probably the best thing to happen in news since CNN, and we hate to compare it to CNN because it's actually independent and so much better. It's literally one of the best and most reliable news sources that you'll find in the mainstream market these days. They have their magazine, and this addon will interface with their … [Read more...]

Some Great Music Addons for XBMC, Don’t Miss a Beat!


It wasn't until very recently that we realized how useful XBMC can be as an addition to your home stereo system. There is an abundance of great music addons which are readily available to be installed to your XBMC device at anytime. These addons are very simple to use and you'll be able to listen to pretty much any song, artist, or genre that you can imagine. Just keep reading and you'll find out … [Read more...]

Must Have: Revolutionary New XBMC Karaoke Addon for XBMC, Just Incredible!


We've seen a lot of karaoke addons created for XBMC in the past, but never have we actually found a karaoke addon to be truly useful before this one. It basically turns your living room into a karaoke bar, with the biggest library of songs we've seen at any karaoke bar in the past, and we've been to quite a few KTV in our time. This addon is so impressive that even if you aren't at all into … [Read more...]

How-To Get Started with USTVNOW for XBMC


In case you have no clue what USTVNOW is, and you probably don't if you aren't already using it, it's a legitimate service which provides legal access to high quality live television channels from all the major American networks, free of charge. You'll have access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW without any cost whatsoever, the only catch is that their service is "for" Americans living abroad, … [Read more...]

Embrace the New XBMC HUB Wizard Addon, Released October 2013


It has grown to become one of the most popular software tools to come out of this community and if you aren't using it then you're missing out beyond belief. The days of manually configuring your XBMC setup and searching for addons and fixes is over. Just run the simple XBMC HUB Wizard Addon and within minutes your setup will be custom configured as if it was done by a pro. It comes with pretty … [Read more...]

Eight Free TV Addons You Don’t Want to Live Without

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We thought it would be a good idea to begin the Summer 2013 season by listing out some of the addons which we think that no avid XBMC user should go without. There is constant development taking place within our community and as a result, it's important for you to keep up with the latest addon releases in order to easily get the best possible user experience out of your XBMC setup. There's a few … [Read more...]