How to Install XBian to Raspberry Pi on Windows

A lot of people in the forums have been asking how they should proceed in setting up their Raspberry Pi with XBian from Windows. It’s actually pretty easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge whatsoever, just a bit of patience. Once you’ve installed XBian, your enjoyment of the Raspberry Pi will be greatly augmented. Continue reading this guide on installing XBian to the Raspberry Pi in a few simple steps.



  • Raspberry Pi Device
  • 4 GB SD Card (FAT formatted)
  • Latest XBian Firmware Image
  • Image Writer for Windows

Step 1: Download and Extract the latest XBian firmware image to your Desktop.

Step 2: Launch the “Image Writer for Windows” (Win32DiskImager.exe) application.

Step 3: Click on the “Blue Folder Icon” and choose the “XBian firmware image” from Step 1.

Step 4: Highlight your “SD Card” in the “Device” section.

Step 5: Press “Write” and then choose “Yes” when prompted to confirm.

Step 6: Wait about 20 minutes for the process to complete.

Step 7: Insert “SD Card” into Raspberry Pi and connect to television.

Step 8: Follow the on screen prompts to configure the software on your device.

Congratulations! Despite all odds, you’ve managed to finally install XBian to your Raspberry Pi. You should consider this a great feat and lightly tap yourself on the back, not too hard though, don’t want to hurt yourself.

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