Streaming Movie Release Types: CAM, TS, TC, and DVD

So, you’re lookup up a movie within your favourite video addon, and you come across different sources, but aren’t sure what the acronyms listed in brackets next to the sources mean. Basically these acronyms such as CAM, TS, TC and DVD define the quality of the video source used to put the movie online. We’re now going to explain it from best to lowest quality below.


1. BLURAY (also referred to as BD, BDRIP, or Blu-ray)
These high definition optical discs obviously make for the best possible video source, but are seldom used due to their immense file sizes being inefficient for streaming.

2. DVDRip
Video source taken from an original retail DVD, with no notices displayed during playback. It is common for DVD screeners to be mislabelled as DVD rips.

3. DVD-SCREENER (also referred to as DVDscr or Screener)
Screeners are sent out by movie studios to retailers, film critics, and other places for promotional use or award consideration. They are of the highest video quality, but usually letterbox format. You’ll see an anti-piracy ticker scroll across the screen every so often.

4. TC (or TELECINE; sometimes called R5)
High quality releases are made possible by digitally copying the film reel from the movie theatre, not very common due to the expensive equipment involved.

Pretty much a good quality CAM release, except an external audio source (such as the theatre’s hearing impared jack) is used. They are sometimes filmed in an empty cinema or from the projection booth, with a tripod for steady image. Quality can vary from exceptionally high to very poor. Worth trying out if you’re really excited about watching something new.

6. CAM
This type of release is the lowest quality and most people don’t even bother watching them. It is filmed from within the cinema with a portable digital camcorder. It is common to hear people laughing in the background or see someone’s body walk across the screen.

Congratulations! Now you can go and explain to your wife what each of the particular pirate movie release formats mean. By the way, we don’t condone piracy.

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