Quick Start Guide to Watch Free TV with XBMC

XBMC is a very powerful media centre software that can be installed to many different platforms, giving you the ability to watch every movie and television show ever made, free of charge, among the endless list of alternate functions. Sometimes it may seem complicated to the beginner because of the extremely robust nature of the software, however you’ll be up and running within minutes after reading this easy to follow quick start guide for XBMC with addons.


Step 1: Choose your desired platform and install XBMC onto it.

Step 2: Configure the Fusion Installer within XBMC. Mac Users of XBMC for Mac/Apple TV/iOS should use the XBMC HUB Wizard at this point, no need to go any further afterwards.

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Step 3: Install your desired repositories from the Fusion Server. You’ll want to go to “SYSTEM” -> “Settings” -> “Add-ons” -> “Install from zip file” -> “fusion” -> “video” -> “repositories” and then click the following files from the list, one by one:

  • 1channel-repository.bstrdsmkr-0.0.3.zip
  • awesomedl-repository.Jas0npc-1.0.zip
  • icefilms-repository.googlecode.anarchintosh-projects.1.0.1.zip
  • projectfreetv-repository.eldorado-1.0.2.zip
  • repository.anilkuj-xbmc-addons.zip
  • repository.t0mm0-1.0.3.zip
  • repository.xbmchub-1.0.0.zip
  • watchseries-repository.mscreations-1.0.0.zip
  • fastpasstvt3.zip (under “video” -> “addons” instead)
  • plugin.video.veetle-proxy.zip (under “video” -> “addons” instead)
  • Navi-X_v37_6.zip (under “programs” instead)

Screen Shot 2012 11 26 at 2.10.01 PM Quick Start Guide to Watch Free TV with XBMC

Step 4: Install your desired addons from the function under “SYSTEM” -> “Settings” -> “Add-ons” -> “Get Add-ons” one by one.

  • anarchintosh addons -> Video Add-ons -> Icefilms
  • anilkuj addons -> Video Add-ons -> Tvlinks & Tubeplus
  • Bstrdsmkr’s Repository -> Video Add-ons -> 1Channel
  • Eldorado’s XBMC Addons -> Video Add-ons -> Project Free TV
  • jas0n’s REPO -> Video Add-ons -> AwsomeDL…XBMCHUB.COM
  • mscreations’s XBMC Addons -> Video Add-ons -> watchseries.eu
  • t0mm0′s XBMC Addons -> Video Add-ons -> ustvnow & Veetle
  • XBMCHUB.com Addon Repository -> Video Add-ons -> EarthCam
  • XBMC HUB.com Addon Repository -> Music Add-ons -> RadioReference.com

Screen Shot 2012 11 26 at 2.15.54 PM Quick Start Guide to Watch Free TV with XBMC

Step 5: Watch your favourite movies and television shows online with XBMC. It’s important to remember that the best server sources are always Putlocker, Sockshare, Videoweed, MovPod, GorillaVid, Filenuke and Filebox; you’ll know what we’re talking about when the time comes.

Congratulations! You’re now much more aware of how to use XBMC to maximize your home entertainment experience. Hopefully now you can start spending more money on your children and less on movie rentals.

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