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    G-Box MX2 Buffering

    I'm having a heck of a time here, and I've searched but have come up with nothing that has worked. If you guys have any idea or link, I'd be very appreciative.

    I purchased a G-box MX2 with XBMC. I like it so far, for the price, but I've had nothing but troubles watching video. My wife streams video almost flawlessly, but the second I try to watch a video that's saved on my Windows 7 box attached to my network, I get a buffer every 20-30 seconds. I've tried changing the registry settings on the PC, and I've changed my sharing from a standard homegroup to a workgroup, but keep having the same issues. I'm about to send the Gbox back and ask for a refund.

    Am I missing a very easy fix, or is this a common issue? I just want to be able to watch the videos I've saved on my PC on my living room TV.

    For some background info, I have the Gbox MX2, just ordered it, so it has the most up to date firmware. I'm running on a Linksys E3000 router, and everything is hardwired. My PC is running Windows 7, has plenty of RAM and plenty of processing power. On paper, I don't think I should be having problems. After being an IT, I realize that means absolutely nothing in the real world.

    Please help me. I want to watch Zombieland with my wife.
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