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    Since Billionuploads stopped working,there is a fix that involves changing your default.py file.

    The location of the default.py file is as follows:

    IOS: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons/plugin.video.icefilms/
    OSX: /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/plugin.video.icefilms
    Linux: ~/.xbmc/addons/plugin.video.icefilm
    Windows: C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugi n.video.icefilms (Where XXX is the username of the windows user.Remember to have show hidden files and folders enabled to be able to access this)

    Navigate to that directory (depending on your device) and find the default.py file.At this point you can either make a copy of it (if you want to for later use?) or delete it,or move it to a location if you want to make a backup of it (i.e on your desktop)

    Next you can download the fixed file from here
    http://www.mijnbestand.nl/Bestand-HGLTUPMHN6VM.py (thanks misa2610 for the link)

    Once you have the file saved,simply copy it back to the location that you deleted the original file from.
    Once you have changed the file,restart xbmc and go to icefilms and test billionuploads and all should be working again

    If you wish to do this manually and edit the default.py yourself,you can use a text editor such as notepad++ to open it and do the following: Just comment out lines 1052-1084 in default.py (

    and replace as below a few lines down.

    #data = {'op': op, 'rand': rand, 'id': postid, 'referer': url, 'method_free': method_free, 'down_direct': down_direct, 'code': capcode}
    data = {'op': op, 'rand': rand, 'id': postid, 'referer': url, 'method_free': method_free, 'down_direct': down_direct}

    Thanks to dudehere for the manual editing instructions and to misa2610 for the link to the new default.py file

    Hope this all makes sense and helps
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